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  • Products developed by enterprises to obtain national patent

     Products developed by enterprises to obtain twelve national patents, and three national invention patents and ten utility model patents

  • Enterprise was awarded the annual brand supplier of Alibaba

       Enterprise was awarded the annual brand supplier of Alibaba

  • The pursuit of innovation and responsibility -- General Manager - Cixi Hongsheng Machinery Equipment

     Wu Xingdian, from Xingwen County, Sichuan Province, an ordinary peasant family, with only a high school diploma, he, from March 2003 to Cixi venture so far, now has Cixi Hongsheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Cixi City Hongsheng electronic equipment factory, Cixi Zhouxiang Sheng Xing Electric Appliance Fittings Factory three enterprises. From the beginning of the initial staff of less than 30 people, the annual output value of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the development of automation equipment, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the enterprises, the annual output value of about 50000000 yuan, hundreds of employees. The product has independent intellectual property rights and access to 22 national patents, including 2 patents for invention, enterprise has passed SGS certification, ISO9001, 2008 certification, and won the national quality, reputation double protection demonstration units and Zhejiang province quality, keep promise, a brand and the first batch of three units, in 2010 won the Shanghai World Expo honor certificate.

    Although Wu Xingdian was born in the countryside, but parents good family education, he created a firm and indomitable innovative personality. In 1981 he in his hometown in Sichuan after graduating from high school, in the army joined the army and went back to the old tutor books, and served as the home director of the village and the village party secretary. But Wu Xingdian is not satisfied with the status quo, in 1993, his family came to Guangdong Zhongshan, began the arduous work career. From the beginning of the most basic operators, Wu Xingdian constantly struggling. By Carpenter father, grew up like the mechanical Wu Xingdian in work more than spend a lot of time on the mechanical research, not a few months, he quit the job and start another machinery company operatives, and soon from operators do sales staff, to do business manager. In 2000 he tried in Zhongshan, Guangdong, is a joint venture to run a small business, based in 2003 to CI entrepreneurship, from the office of the Hong Sheng Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.. Remember those years in Guangdong, Wu Xingdian said that but he has experienced the most bitter life in a period of time. To get up early every day, send two children to school, and hurried to the factory, pipe business, sales, doing chores, and so on, free also struggled to learn the knowledge of machinery, mechanical equipment is studied, one day down, did not sleep a few hours. It is not afraid of hardship, the spirit of innovation, so that Wu Xingdian’s life gradually towards success.

    As an entrepreneur, Wu Xingdian in the pursuit of enterprise development at the same time also always bear in mind that the body for the Communist Party should bear the social responsibility. 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Wu Xingdian timely for the people of the affected areas to donate 100000 yuan to help rebuild their homes, last year, Sichuan home for the construction of the road. His company 80% for foreign employees, Wu Xingdian believes that the enterprise is a big family, employees are their loved ones. He for the staff to provide free accommodation and dormitory all the placement of the air conditioning equipment, for employees to buy insurance, labor contracts with employees, annual all employees of the organization of tourism, let the staff vacation pay and reimbursement of fares... All kinds of benefits, from all corners of the country let employees feel warm. While efforts to increase the salary of the employee, the financial crisis of 2008, he led the business do not adhere to the downsizing, no pay cuts, bite to tide over the crisis, to ease the employment pressure on society. And actively participate in the harmonious work of enterprises where the village Da Gu Tang Cun, at the end of the year, also funded the to send warmth to the village elders. Wu Xingdian has won praise from Cixi and Sichuan, he was awarded the honorary title of Sichuan provincial government, outstanding private entrepreneurs, last year was named one hundred outstanding new Cixi people.

    At present, Wu Xingdian led the company is a new attitude to the development of high-tech industries, and take the road of green manufacturing. Wu Xingdian said that Cixi’s business environment is good, he will do his best to return to Cixi this second home, for the transformation and upgrading of small household electrical appliance enterprises in Cixi to contribute their own strength.


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