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  • Introduction and development prospect of automatic terminal machine

     Fully automatic terminal machine is a new type of automatic equipment, its main functions are: peeling, tangent, pressing, etc.. Fully automatic terminal machine is a high-end technology products, human nature, intelligent, widely used in major companies, can save labor.
    Along with the development of the equipment and the automation equipment industry, the market of the terminals in recent years has been accounted for more than half of the market.

    Cixi Hongsheng machinery professional production and sales of terminal machine, automatic terminal machine and other equipment, its production, automatic terminal machine type: full automatic terminal crimping machine, double headed double automatic tangent skinning twisting tin dipping machine, automatic wear waterproof plug end wire twisting machine, cable automatic terminal machine, cable automatic crimping machine, automatic wear waterproof double headed bolt crimping machine, automatic tangent skinning play twisting wire end tin dipping machine etc., the different types of terminal machine function and wiring harness processing.

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  • New and high technology is the leader of economic development

     - since 1998, the output value of hi-tech products than the average annual growth of 41%, the total industrial output value 1 times higher than the average growth rate
    ] in the above scale enterprises, high-tech product output value accounted for the proportion of total industrial output value from 15.8% in 1998 increased to 29.4% in the first half of this year
    ] neodymium iron boron, integrated circuit silicon materials, intelligent injection molding machine, smart meters, storage hydrogen material, power transmission equipment, a large number of high-tech products become the largest production base
    In the first half of this year, Yinzhou District in the mechanical and electrical integration and new materials based high-tech industry to achieve profit 490000000 yuan, an increase of 90% over the same period last year, profit for the first time exceeded the total profit of the largest garment industry (the first half of 365000000 yuan), accounting for the first. In the area of the above scale enterprises, high-tech product output value accounted for the proportion of total industrial output value reached 32.3%.

    Like Yinzhou District, the high-tech industry as the first economic growth point, the rapid development in the city, become the backbone of the city’s economic development industry. According to the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau statistics, from 1 to June this year, the city’s high-tech product output value, sales reached 27111000000 yuan, 25434000000 yuan, respectively, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 42.8%, 36.4%. Profits and taxes and increase the increase in foreign exchange earnings, an increase of 51.8% and 58.5%, respectively, 3454000000 yuan and 592000000 dollars. In the first half of this year, the city’s scale enterprises realize the 21460000000 yuan industry added value, there are 6642000000 yuan for the high-tech industry, about 31%.

    1995, the high-tech industry in our city is still in its infancy stage. In the scale of enterprises, the output value of high-tech products is only 6030000000 yuan, the proportion of total industrial output value is only 8.8%, the export value of high-tech products accounted for only 10% of the industrial export delivery value. Since 1998, especially in the implementation of science and education, "one project", the municipal Party committee and municipal government have made great progress in the high-tech industry as the first important task of science and technology. In 1998, the city’s total industrial output value of 5000000 yuan more than 94000000000 yuan. To 2001, the output value of 163000000000 yuan, an average annual growth rate of 20%. Among them, the output value of high-tech products from the scale of enterprises increased from 14820000000 yuan in 2001 to 42420000000 yuan in 1998, an average annual growth rate of 41%. Because of the rapid growth of high-tech industry, the proportion of high-tech product output value accounted for more and more high, and the proportion of high-tech product output value is 26% in 2001 from 15% in 1998. In the first half of this year, this proportion continues to rise, has reached 29.4%. Not only that, the city’s high-tech industry profits and taxes are also growing rapidly, the scale of high-tech enterprises from 1465000000 yuan in profits and taxes by 2001, an increase of 5857000000 yuan in 1997, an average annual growth rate of 42.9%, accounting for the proportion of Industrial Enterprises above designated size increased from 16.7% in 1997 to 27.5% last year. Ningbo is approved by the national Ministry of science and technology as the national torch electronic information industry base and national new material industrial base.

    The rapid development of high-tech industry has greatly promoted the upgrading of traditional industries in our city and the formation and expansion of new industries. Traditional mechanical and electrical industry in the past few years continue to penetrate into the high technology and its products gradually fade, to light mechanical and electrical integration in the field of high technology products, the emergence of a intelligent injection molding machine, high reliable sexy strain meter, power transmission and transformation equipment, automobile fittings, elevator traction machine and other high-tech products. These products have a higher market share in china. The new material industry scale is expanding constantly, in the field of continuous development, in the continuous growth of neodymium iron boron strong magnetic materials, powder metallurgy materials and other industries, on the basis of the rise of high polymer materials, nano materials, new energy materials, semiconductor materials, vehicles, new materials, etc.. The output of the strong magnetic material has accounted for half of the country, the world’s 1/4, high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber, high performance hydrogen storage materials, modified engineering plastics, integrated circuit silicon materials and other new materials has become the nation’s largest production base. Ningbo has become the national new material production and industrial base. The electronic information industry has developed rapidly, in which the computer products, in addition to the central processing unit (CPU), other components in Ningbo are basically a production. Communication products, electronic components, digital cable, integrated circuits, software and other electronic information industry has grown rapidly, many products in the domestic leading position. Our city has thus been identified as the national torch plan Ningbo electronic information industry base. In addition, biological and pharmaceutical, energy saving and environmental protection and other areas of many high-tech products from scratch, from small to large, these years the development of the most rapid. The new technology is still widely used in agriculture, and it has caused a revolution of agricultural science and technology in our city through the transformation of biotechnology and facility agriculture technology. Such as the application of molecular marker breeding and cultivating new varieties of green shell egg duck, giant Angora rabbit, organization and implementation of dairy cattle embryo transplantation, shrimp cycle intensive ecological culture, deep-sea fishpound breeding a number of high-tech projects, greatly promoted the efficiency of agriculture development and agricultural industrial structure adjustment.


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