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Warmly celebrate the enterprise through the "municipal engineering technology center"

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 September 19, 2012, Cixi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Cixi City Financial Bureau joint of my company to declare the "Cixi Hongsheng automation equipment engineering technology research center through the identification and acceptance.

According to the "accreditation of Cixi enterprise engineering and technology center management approach" (CI, [2008] No. 57) the spirit of the document, an application filed by the enterprise, around the science and technology management units, municipal science and Technology Bureau jointly with the finance bureau organizes an expert evaluation, feasibility studies, the study, identified "Cixi Hongsheng automation design by Engineering Technology Center R & D institutions for Cixi enterprise engineering and technology center.

Enterprise engineering technology center is the main building of enterprises with a certain industrial scale, capital capacity, equipment and personnel, etc., based on the combination of industry and research, to the relevant industry development in the scientific and technological achievements, key technology development and engineering for the main purpose, to carry out research, development, design and testing, trial production activities, with professional, application and link characteristics of scientific research.

The engineering technology center is located in the research and development of automatic machine equipment. It focuses on the automation equipment and non - standard equipment. It provides technical support for our country’s manufacturing industry technology innovation. Through the market mechanism, it can provide engineering level for the society and enterprise, and accelerate the technological upgrading and economic growth.

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