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Terminal machine is widely used in wire harness processing industry

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 A machine that is needed for the processing of electric wires. The machine can suppress the five metal head down to the wire. This machine has its own professional name is called terminal machine. This machine is called the terminal crimping machine, or terminal crimping machine. With the wire harness material enterprise to the automated production, wire harness processing machinery and equipment market has been fully automatic terminal machine to account for more than half of the market, automatic terminal machine with its high efficiency, free hand, high accuracy, ultra quiet and other advantages to win the favor of the majority of enterprises.

Terminal machine to play out of the terminal is usually in order to connect more convenient, do not go to the welding will be able to stabilize the stability of the two wires connected together, and in the time of the demolition can only be pulled out.
Terminal machine classification may be divided into fully automatic terminal machine, mute terminal machine, terminal machine, peeling machine, etc.

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