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What is the most popular automatic terminal machine in Zhejiang?

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 With the electrical appliances, photovoltaic and other industry wire harness demand increases, the wire harness processing equipment on the market, the full automatic terminal machine also follow the best selling, the total automatic terminal machine more obvious than the ordinary terminal machine, automatic terminal machine more energy saving, faster processing, can save a lot of time and labor. Then which of Zhejiang’s full automatic terminal machine is widely sold?

1 single head press with automatic terminal machine
This equipment mainly uses the imported original, complete cut off line, peeling, terminal pressure, etc., each hour can be processed 5000 wire or so, this section automatic terminal machine processing action accurate, simple operation, stable performance, save labor, currently in the domestic market is more popular.

2 double head press with automatic terminal machine
This double - headed pressure of the terminal machine made of about 4000 per hour about the processing of wire, can be completed to cut off the wire, peeling, terminal pressure, etc.. Electric appliance industry is widely used.

3, cable automatic terminal machine
This device can automatically play terminal, as long as the manual winding, position automatic positioning, you can automatically play terminals; cable is moved by a stepper motor drive, cable 3-20 row adjustable, wire diameter adjusted; touch type man-machine interface, easy operation.
Above several automatic terminal machine is more popular mechanical, of course there are other function terminal machine, here is not to enumerate the.

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