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Computer wire stripping machine manufacturers to introduce automatic cutting and stripping crimping

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 "Automatic tangent peeling terminal press the machine," a look at the product name is too long, then what is he used to do? From the name of the product literally, there are tangent peeling these words, guess may be used to cut the wire, wire skin peeling machine. Yes, tangent peeling machine is used below from Cixi computer Baoxian machine manufacturers for your detailed introduction automatic tangent skinning terminal crimping machine:

Automatic tangent peeling terminal press the machine function: wire cutting, stripping, single / double side pressure, cutting length: 40mm-9999mm, pressure: 1.8T-2.5T; volume weight: about 165Kg; characteristics:
The machine adopts modular design, operation and maintenance easy, and the two line tangent, peeling, terminal pressure, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce labor costs;

Wire length size, cutting depth, terminal position are set by computer touch panel;

Terminal machine adopts frequency conversion motor, ultra quiet, power saving.

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