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Product Name:Thermal protection crimping and pipe wearing machine

Finished shot


● As a pioneer in domestic, we finish wire cut, strip, crimp terminal, and thermal protection feed, cut, pipe wear automatically.

● It adopts photoelectric sensor technology, which can test products lackness, and give warning automatically.

● It’s controlled by PLC with coder, which records production data, and set product specification optionally.

● The machine has advantages of high productivity, high product quality, stable performance, saving labor.

Technical Parameters

Model  HS-65418
Power  AC220V 50HZ single phase
Power  Wire cut, strip, one end terminal crimp, insert heat-shrink pipe, or varnished sleeve
Capacity   15-18 pcs/min(within 100mm)
Wire size  0.35-1.5mm2 
Cutting length  70-1000mm
Cutting tolerance  0.1mm+cutting length*0.2
Stripping Length  1-10mm
Crimping capacity  2.0T
Air pressure  0.6-0.7Mpa (use clean and dry air)
Detection device  Lack of wire or knotted, terminal crimping detection
Dimension  3400Lx2000Wx1700H (mm)
Weight  About 800kg

   Optional terminal crimping pressure management device or terminal visual inspection system


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