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Product Name:Automatic terminal crimping machine(Lining cable)

Finished shot



●   The machine is controlled by high-speed and high-accuracy motor.

●   The machine can complete wire feeding, dividing and cutting, terminal crimping accurate and continually.

●   All adjustment can be made by touchable interface,simple and quick.

●   The equipment is made of high-quality steel material,hard and durable.

Technical Parameters

Model  HS-64310
Power  AC220V  50HZ  (Single)
Function  Wire dividing , cutting, stripping and terminal crimping
Capacity  200pcs terminal/min
Processing Diameter ∮1.1-∮1.8 (3-12rows)
Cutting Length  80mm-1500mm
Stripping Length  1mm-5mm
Cutting Accuracy  Range:0.1mm+cutting length*0.2%
Crimping capacity  2.0T
Air pressure  0.6-0.7Mpa  (Use a clean, dry gas source)
Detection device  Lack of wire  or knotted , terminal crimping detection
Dimensions  1240Wx1000Lx2100H (mm)
Weight  Approximately 150Kg

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